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Product Information

Go Rhino’s XRS Cross Bars allow you to mount a rooftop tent or other large accessories on your truck while preserving the utility and capacity of your factory truck bed.

These optional XRS 4-CORE Side Rail Accessory Kits connect the uprights on both sides of your truck bed and run front-to-back for even more mountable surface. They are available in 37 3/4" and 49 3/4" lengths and can be cut to desired length.

Available Now
5935010T - 37-3/4" XRS Side Rail Accessory Kit
5935011T - 49-3/4" XRS Side Rail Accessory Kit XL

XRS Cross Bar Kits (sold separately)
5935000T - for Mid-Sized Truck Beds w/o tonneau cover
5935001T - for Full-Sized Truck Beds w/o tonneau cover
5935015T - for Full-Sized Beds w/Tonneau Cover T-Tracks