Right Choice. One Source.

Right Choice. One Source.

About Us

Since 1975, Go Rhino has been designing and manufacturing products in North America that protect those who serve our communities, their vehicles, and their equipment. The Go Rhino Public Safety Division is a “single source” with a reputation for innovation, nationwide sales and distribution and highly responsive service.

What is Go Rhino Public Safety Known For?

The Go Rhino Public Safety advantage is the manufacturing and distribution of Complete Vehicle Protection Systems, including push bumpers, prisoner transport seting, partition, gun racks and other law enforcement equipment. Go Rhino Public Safety products are configurable to meet all environmental and Agency needs.

Go Rhino Public Safety Push Bumpers

Push Bumpers

Go Rhino Public Safety Partitions


Go Rhino Public Safety Single Cell Detainee Seat

Single Cell Safety Seats

Go Rhino Public Safety Prisoner Transport Seating

Prisoner Transport Seating

So Why Buy from Us?

It comes down to three things we strive to get right every single time:

Design specifically to fit the requirements of each vehicle and Agency.

Functional user-friendly design that meets the distinctive needs of those who protect and serve.

Engineered and manufactured with quality, utility, durability and warranty.

Go Rhino Public Safety: Right Choice. One Source.

Go Rhino Public Safety