Go Rhino Public Safety Division - Single Cell Safety Seats

Single Cell Safety Seats

The Single Cell Detainee Safety Seat simplifies, streamlines and protects officer and detainee during loading and unloading.

The Single Cell Detainee Safety Seat offers complete passenger-side prisoner containment for the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV and Ford Police Interceptor Utility. The positioning of the single cell allows the driver's seat to retain full factory settings. The 3-point Pro-Straint harness system allows officers to buckle a prisoner into the cell without having to reach over them. The lightweight, yet virtually indestructible, AEDEC molded seat makes clean up easy.

The complete system includes the AEDEC half front/center partition, full rear partition with choice of clear poly window or steel mesh/window, rear seat frame, AEDEC molded half-seat, Pro-Straint harness seat belt and all mounting and installation hardware. Optional window guards also available.