Go Rhino Public Safety Division - Cargo Storage Boxes & Bags

Cargo Storage Boxes & Bags

Go Rhino Public Safety’s Single-Drawer Equipment Security Boxes feature heavy-duty steel construction, durable black bedliner finish and a lockable pull-out drawer that will hold up to the rigors of policing. Box heights are available from 6 to 15 inches. The standard 36-inch width makes it compatible with the Go Rhino Public Safety False Floor. Box accessories, parapets, replacement locks and transfer kits are also available.

NEW! XVENTURE Storage Bags and Hard Cases

Go Rhino’s Xventure Canvas Bags combine new age materials with artisan craftsmanship to provide a stylish solution for your storage needs. Xventure Hard Cases are injection-molded from high impact, lightweight PPC Thermoplastic and is virtually indestructible. Finger-safe flex latches, rubberized handles and stackable design make it easy to both carry and store.